Máy vắt sổ diện tử jack C5S


Máy vắt sổ diện tử jack C5S

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Máy vắt sổ diện tử jack C5S

C5S (Pneumatic)

Pneumatic computer overlock sewing machine without thread trimmer

Front and rear vacuum cleaning sewing

The front sucks the waste, the rear sucks the thread head, and when sewing, it is effectively dustproof, clean and environmentally friendly.

Super short thread without trimming

Suction thread trimming, the thread end after sewing is controlled within 5mm, eliminating the trouble of secondary trimming thread end.

Thin, medium and thick adjustable to adapt to a wider range

It can be easily adjusted in three levels of thin, medium and thick, suitable for sewing with different fabrics and techniques such as mesh, knitting, and denim.

Efficient, durable, stable and reliable

Wear-resistant parts are applied to the core moving parts to ensure that the machine is durable and has a long life under high-speed operation.

Super fast start and stop power

The start-stop response time is shortened by 50%, matching the speed of 7000 rpm, and the efficiency is increased by more than 35%. Based on the salary of 4,000 yuan/month, the year-on-year increase of income is as high as 1,400 yuan.

Oil-free, carefree, clean and durable

The unique grease lubrication method and the use of black diamond needle bars and sliding bars can effectively avoid oil contamination of the fabric, and it is clean and durable.

Easy feeding and discharging under the teeth

When the presser foot is lifted to discharge the material, the feed dog moves downward (lower than the needle plate surface), so that the tooth does not scrape the cloth and the material is discharged more easily.

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